Awakening New Discoveries

The joy of awakening new discoveries – the eureka moments.

Awakening new discoveries is my favourite process of awakening. You go through all these hardships and traumatic clearing of blocks and traumas, which is difficult, but at the end you know there is the discover moment, the eureka moment if you like. These moments come in many different forms; through sychronicities, clarity, reading, or something else. It is basically the moment you find that grain of information that resonates with you and shows you the light, love and compassion elements of a subject, emotion, conflict, etc. that you have battling.

When we awaken, we do not know what the heck is going on and you search for answers to your physical, mental and spiritual state of self. You know something life changing has occurred, but you need to validate and understand it. You learn a lot very quickly and have moments of feeling that you’ve mastered it only to quickly descend into apprenticeship again. Once you move past the initial and blissful energy/information download stage you move in to the discovery and healing phase. This is where I have been for the past few months. You are now more concerned with the duality of light and dark; you know what you want and should be, but the ego is fighting hard to keep its claws and fangs in you. To me it is a very hard thing to deal with since I know I want to shed my ego, but it is a tricky mistress to say the least. You know you want to shed that ego in one foul swoop, but there is the fear of ‘what if…’, which is, in my mind the ego’s strongest weapon. You say to yourself, I am going to let all these things go, but I need to hold on to these things for just a little longer, because if I don’t I cannot feed my children and support my family. Now where is the faith in that? I think the point is that the process has to be gradual otherwise it would be too ‘easy’ and you would not properly heal yourself from the traumas and blockages. Now, if you had been able to, as a child, separate yourself from society and stay awake, all you had to do was to clear your past life traumas and blockages, which would be easier, but that does not happen in this world, right?

I know this process is going to take time, but as long as I know there is eureka moments along the way at the end of each clearing awakening new discoveries. I will be able to take this in strides. The reason I got up this morning to write this blog was because I had a eureka moment. Not so much in terms of dealing with a past trauma or blockage, but it did contribute to shifting my thinking on one topic, but it was more to do with the process of awakening and ascension. I discovered the website of Katya Turner who is an intuitive and, in my point of view, a woman with wonderful insight. She wrote this blog post about ‘How to integrate energies of your higher self‘ that really resonated with me and brought me to understand that it was not just an information download that took place at the time of my awakening, it was an energy download. I had always felt it was just energy flowing through to connect with the earth, but this made more sense to me. Her video on the subject is also embedded below.

Enjoy the journey and remember; you are in charge of your ‘house’ and bliss is of your making and decision.

Awakening New Discoveries
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Awakening New Discoveries
The process of spiritual awakening is not an easy one. However, what keeps you going is that you are constantly awakening new discoveries.
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Spirited Reality
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