Venice of the North – Reflections on the Collective Consciousness of Stockholm

The energetic duality of Stockholm’s collective consciousness


Apart from having lived in Stockholm twice I have now spent a fair amount of time here recently. When I wasn’t able to consciously tune in to energy, something always seemed, to me, a bit off with Stockholm – we didn’t jive properly. This time I sat in the centre of the city and tuned in to actually find out what was up. 

This is the first time I have actively tuned in to the collective consciousness of any place, so it was an interesting and exciting exercise. Stockholm is an absolutely gorgeous city; measured both by the sites and its people. It is known as ‘Venice of the North’ and for good reason. The city is built on several islands where the archipelago and the lake Mälaren meet. It’s history as a settlement dates back over a thousand years, so for an energetically sensitive person like myself, there is a treasure trove of energies to tap into; both good and some not so good of course.

While tuning in the image of Venice did come in, but not for the reasons described above. I get the image of a 15th century Venetian masquerade ball; people wearing masks. There is a tug of war between a strong, external, desire to fit in and the inner desire of following one’s own path, being authentic to oneself. Collectively there is high degree of inner insecurity while externally there is a manifestation of self. I used to complain, and still do sometimes :-), that in general there is a lack of manners in this town. This comes from the insecurity that is shielded by the need to exert one’s presence through assertiveness. Because, collectively, people see this pattern (subconsciously) with others, interaction is kept to a minimum to avoid confronting someone’s presence. This in turn leads people to avoid speaking or catching someone’s eye. Hence, avoid using little pleasantries, such as ‘hello’, ‘thank you’, ‘you’re welcome’, etc. People in Stockholm aren’t rude, they are hesitant to remove their masks. Here it is important to fit in and if you step out of the mold you are considered an ‘outsider’. The joke is always that if you talk to a stranger on the bus, in a queue or somewhere similar, you are looked upon as weird. However, when I speak to my friends about this subject they all find it unfortunate that this is the case, but they wouldn’t engage with strangers because they don’t want to be considered weird. Vibrationally, Stockholm is externally quite low and focused on the materialistic, but once you get behind the mask it is a lot higher. 

Hence there are two sides to the collective consciousness in Stockholm; the public external, which is hyper materialistic, and the private insecure, yet warm and compassionate, but you have to scratch the surface and get behind the mask to discover this aspect. 

I love trying to meet people’s eyes and give them a warm smile, it catches them of guard, but I can feel they smile themselves on the inside and sometimes even on the outside :-). If you go to Stockholm, do us all a favour; engage with people through your words, actions and energy, it will help Stockholm to take off its mask and realise its true potential. Every little helps!

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Venice of the North - Reflections on the Collective Consciousness of Stockholm
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Venice of the North - Reflections on the Collective Consciousness of Stockholm
Stockholm is a aesthetically a beautiful city. Energetically the city is dualistic with a need to fit in, but a desire to be authentic.
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Spirited Reality
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