Cord Cutting – Well, actually it’s more like cord dissolving

Cord cutting is not something you do in one sitting, it takes your direct action

Last Summer I contacted a psychic for cord cutting. I was in the throes of my awakening and was in ‘desperately seeking’ mode. This lady seemed wacky enough to be the real deal, so I booked an appointment. She did her thing and gave me some instructions how to deal with the ‘recuperation’  afterwards. I noticed something was different, but as the months went by it was clear that the cords were all still there. This experience with the instantaneous cord cutting was part of my lesson to understand how you actually do it. 

If anyone tells you that you can cut your cords in one sitting, either with the assistance of a psychic or doing it yourself in meditation, you need to challenge them on the spot on why they feel it is that simple. I have been in the process of cutting my negative energy cords since last Summer and it takes dedicated work and practice. You don’t cut cords, you dissolve them little by little over time.

If you have read any of my other posts you will see that I do not believe there is a miracle ‘cure’ for anything going on with you physically, mentally or spiritually, it is the sum of your efforts that will heal you. Cord cutting is no different. You need to work on recognising your triggers, your emotions and, primarily, know where you spend your energy. You are adversely affected by negative energy cords to people that you allow to steal your energy, so the best and fastest way to cut your cord is to not spend your energy on these people. Since these people are most often people close to you, it is not going to take one sitting to change the way you approach these people unless you immediately cut them out of your life completely, which would hurt  you more than benefit. This is why it takes time and you have to work on the cord cutting. 

You change your attitude and approach to these people where over time you stop responding to their negative energy and getting triggered to feed them your energy. As you shed more of what doesn’t serve you, the more your attitude will change and your cords will dissolve. Set your boundaries, respect and honour yourself and you will soon find that you have enough energy to share with the ones that you want to share it with. 

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Cord Cutting - Well, actually it's more like cord dissolving
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Cord Cutting - Well, actually it's more like cord dissolving
Cord cutting is a buzz concept in the spiritual community, but I for one have learned that you don't cut cords, you dissolve them.
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Spirited Reality
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