Crystals – 6 Crystals to Use for a Successful Business

Use crystals to help enhance and balance your energies.

Crystals hold amazing energy. I am particularly sensitive to external energies and can actually feel the energy of some crystals in my hand when I hold them. The chi/ki/prana in my hands are drawn to the crystal and the tingling sensations in my hand are drawn to the area. This is how I came to understand how powerful they can be. Being in crystal shops is also like a high for me, the energies in them calm me right down and just send me into a state of bliss. It is an environment far better suited for me than airports, that is for sure!  🙂

Using and maintaining crystals, not to mention choosing the right ones, is a science all in its own right. I find that asking the crystal shopkeeper loads of questions usually gives me all the information I need. I don’t have a deep interest in them, but I do like them, so I let others hold the knowledge for me until I need it myself.

Below you will find a selection of 6 crystals that will serve you in your new business venture.

Tigers Eye

When it comes to business, the Tiger Eye is always a must have. It is a great business stone for anyone in any profession as it helps to stimulate part of the brain that expands your awareness and ability to assess and understand your current surroundings; it helps you to be aware of everything you need to see. It not only helps to bring money to you but it also helps to keep that money with you. It can also help to keep you grounded and driven so you never lose sight of your passions.


This stone is great if your business is in the creative sector. It helps to keep you stimulated and draws out any of your creative flare whether it be writing, drawing, painting or anything surrounding this field. It is even great when drawing out contracts. It is associated with attracting abundance as it helps to keep you focused on the task at hand. Keep this stone close to you when you are completing the task at hand to help your creative energy flow.

Rose Quartz

This is the self loving stone. In order to create a successful business we must have confidence in our own abilities. If you lack this confidence then Rose Quartz is wonderful to keep around. If you suffer from nerves when it comes to public speaking or meeting new people then keep this crystal close by to keep you feeling more self assured and more capable.


This stone helps you to communicate clearly when it comes to conducting business. It helps you speak more eloquently and more precise. It is important, when using this stone, to keep it close to your throat as this is where the energy needs to lay. You can make a necklace with it or if you wear a tie to work, you can slip it in the knot. If you speak publicly or need your verbal skills to sell products then this stone will help you keep a firm voice and allow you to speak confidently.


This is the lucky stone, linked to the Amazon River, that can assist you to achieve all your dreams and desires; it is known as the lucky hope stone as it can assist in manifesting all your desires into reality. It helps to open your throat chakra which can help you to communicate better in business. It also helps to bring clarity and truth to your intention whether it be to another or to yourself.


This is your intuition stone. It helps when it comes to meeting new people so you can get a sense of who they are and it can help solve problems in your work environment such as money handling, investigation work or anything scientific based. This stone is also helpful if you travel a lot with your business as having it on you will keep you safe on those travels.

Below you will find some examples of Jewelry with the different crystals above (NB. Links to Amazon are affiliate links and the publisher might earn a commission if you make a purchase):

Tigers Eye:


Rose Quartz:




Crystals - 6 Crystals to Use for a Successful Business
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Crystals - 6 Crystals to Use for a Successful Business
There are a wide variety of crystals that can be used for different purposes, but this article gives you 6 key ones to use for success in business.
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