Distance Energy Healing – How Does It work?

Can distance energy healing really be effective?

Distance energy healing is on of those subjects that really baffles people, myself as a practitioner included! Most clients I come into contact with accept energy healing as a complimentary healing modality that has validity. All my clients happen to be in different countries from mine or in other parts of the UK. Hence, distance energy healing is the practice I have had to develop, and thank God for that! I find that even though there is initial resistance to it working clients are willing to give it a shot since they are just hanging out relaxing without anyone touching them, nor do they have the inconvenience of going anywhere from where they are at the time of the appointment.

The coolest thing is when the give me feedback after the first appointment and are astonished by how they could feel the energy interacting and changing them (for the better I should add!). It is always a sense of baffled amazement.  I absolutely love the reactions; it is like rediscovering the magic of the universe every time. On a more practical note, I spend about 25% of the time that I would in an in person session and the client can go about their normal day. However, operating any vehicle or machinery is not advised as you will feel drowsy and lose you focus. For my clients to feel the full effect and experience the energy, I always suggest finding a quite place where they can sit down and listen to some music for 15 minutes, that is it!

Esoterically energy knows no time or space, so it can be transferred over unlimited distances in space and time. Oh, yes, absolutely, I can use it to heal past life experiences and future events. Say for example that you are going in to a job interview, I could ‘schedule’ the distance energy healing to begin 30 minutes before the interview so that you walk in with a calm, balanced and clear mind. Neat, isn’t it? Another aspect I find is that since I am only focusing on channeling healing energy, I tend to pick up on other energies more clearly, so it is not uncommon for my client’s guides or loved ones to come and check things out wondering what is up. It can be a rather funny encounter. It is nice to feed this information back to the client as it is very comforting.

Below are some comments from my clients after their first session:

  • “I felt a tingling feeling in my throat and my left leg felt like it was covered in Tiger Balm”
  • “After a very stressful period with a very gloomy outlook on life, I immediately felt a sense of calm and an attitude that everything was going to be ok!”
  • “I was feeling a lovely warn easing sensation up my spine and kinda all through torso area. I’d got some reiki music on and with this sensation i actually fell asleep. So very relaxed now. The warm sensation was that the healing? Lovely now feeling so calm. The the terrible elbow and arm pain I’ve been having has eased tremendously too.”
  • “I felt a surge of energy in the pit of my stomach, I saw a flash of bright white light and I got up feeling ‘lighter’.”

I feel my hearspace just expanding and churning out positive energy when I get these responses, it makes it so very worth while.

If you would like to try it out, click here below:

I thought the video clip below from the History channel in America demonstrates how you can use lifeforce energy/chi/prana or whatever other name you would like to use, at a distance. It works exactly the same way as distance energy healing.

Distance Energy Healing - How Does It work?
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Distance Energy Healing - How Does It work?
Like radio waves, energy travels. Energy can also travel in other dimensions, so distance energy healing can actually be more 'potent' than in person.
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Spirited Reality
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