Empath – Heaven or Hell?

An Empath progressing from closed to out-of-control to skilled.

You know your an Empath, but if you are here reading this out of curiosity and are not familiar with the concept, please take a moment to explore the concept a little with one of my faourite empaths; Elise Lebeau (website link). So, this article is going to treat the state of being for us empaths as oppose to what it is.

First off, let me state that I have come to absolutely love my empathic abilities. It was not always like this. I spent the first 44 years of my life being accused of being too sensitive and not being able to carry my voice to stand up for myself. Also being around in London during the Canary Wharf bombing, living in NYC during 9/11, etc. certainly put you to the test. So, looking back on my life thus far I now understand, after my awakening, it all and am able to view my experiences with compassionate eyes. When I first awoke, I was completely out of control emotionally! Side note before going on, let me describe a little how my ability works. I am a the type of empath that picks up feelings from others and feel them as my own. The slight difference for me is that the person does not have to be near me, it is enough that they have strong feelings and think of me in a flash, and woops, there it is! So you can imagine when I first opened up that I was absolutely bombarded from friends, family, people on the street, etc. I could not function in my job or in my family, which was absolutely devastating to me. However, I have very good guides that gave me comfort and showed me where to turn for support and, most importantly, how to get this ability under control. I am very much a person of action, so off I went searching for answers. I read a bunch of books and talked to ‘skilled’ empaths that gave me pointers.

I cannot put my finger on any one particular thing that brought me to the point where I am today with this skill under some sort of control, but I think it was more the sum of all parts of meditation, understanding energy, learning about auras, grounding, learning to expand and contract my energy, developing my healing and psychic skills, etc. At any rate, my journey has taught me to surrender to the process and let it take you where you need to go and the result will be nothing but bliss. I firmly believe, also, that my empath abilities has made me a much more effective in channeling healing energies. It comes quite natural to me, but I am for the sake of gaining skills finishing off my 2nd degree of Reiki at the moment :-).

So the question, being an empath is it heaven or hell? My journey have shown me three states of being an empath; closed, out of control and skilled. As a closed empath it was hell, but I had no idea of why, thus ignorance is not bliss. However, neither is knowing as being an out of control empath is devastating to your life in general. I will say though that with knowledge you also have to ability to deal with it and gain control. That leads me to the concluding statement that at the end of the day, when you know how to control and use your empathic abilities, it is pure heaven!

If you are interested in some of the books I have read on the subject, you will find them below (NB. Links to Amazon are affiliate links and the publisher might earn a commission if you make a purchase):

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The Empowered Empath — Quick & Easy: Owning, Embracing, and Managing Your Special Gifts

The Empowered Empath: Owning, Embracing, and Managing Your Special Gifts


The Master Empath: Turning On Your Empath Gifts At Will — In Love, Business and Friendship

An Empath Empowerment® Book (3 Book Series)


Empath - Heaven or Hell?
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Empath - Heaven or Hell?
As with many other things in spiritual awakening, being an empath is all about discovery and finding yourself. On your path you gain more control and bliss.
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