Energy Healing – The real deal or placebo?

Does it matter if the placebo effect or energy healing is the key to healing?

The most common comment I get from people, both new clients and others, is the consideration that it might be the placebo effect that is doing the healing. As the movie quote goes “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!”. My first passion is to help people get better and in as many cases as possible heal them. If that is achieved then it does not matter what did it. However, I think it is important to understand what happens with energy healing and why it is not so far from the placebo effect in the end. It comes down to more of how you define placebo and what that actually is. 

According to WebMD (WebMD), placebo is defined as: “A placebo is anything that seems to be a “real” medical treatment — but isn’t. It could be a pill, a shot, or some other type of “fake” treatment. What all placebos have in common is that they do not contain an active substance meant to affect health.” This is then in turn what causes the placebo effect. 

Essentially, what energy healing does is to go to the underlying problem of energy imbalances and work on restoring balance, this in turn will alleviate the mental issue that in turn has caused a physical manifestation. Everybody should do energy healing as a preventative measure since they would then never have to deal with the manifestations on the mental nor the physical levels. For example, an ulcer is primarily caused by stress. The stress is in turn caused by a wide variety of possible issues; lack of self confidence, intolerance, anxiety, etc. Energetically there are several areas that can cause the psychological issues, but they are primarily based on blockages in the energy centres (chakras) in the lower part of the body; root, base and solar plexus. Energy healing works with resolving those blockages so that you may identify why you are feeling stressed and deal with that issue. When you have done that, your body will actually heal itself in many cases or respond better to medical treatment. This is where you will find similarities between placebo and energy healing. Placebo has a psychological effect on you that allows your body to stop the physical manifestation of a psychological or mental problem. The placebo might very well also help you remove energetic blockages in your body and your aura and thus would be exactly the same as energy healing. I think on my part that placebo is a little hit or miss, because you will have to thoroughly convince your patient that they are getting a treatment that is going to cure them fully, similar to positive affirmations and invocations (which are powerful vibrational and energetic healing tools as well by the way). Energy healing does work directly with patient without directing it to a particular area of dis-ease, it goes where it needs to go, which might be somewhere, for the patient, unexpected.

This is the big difference, the patient may think they are healing in one are, but in actual fact it is healing in another and it allows the patient to deal with an issue which will then heal the expected area. A placebo would not be effective as a preventative method as there has to be a link between the issue and the placebo, which energy healing does not have to have as it is working away to clear blockages that you may not be aware of yet because they have not manifested. 

In my practice I do not tell my clients what they can expect, I just tell them to not operate any vehicle or do anything where their full attention is required. I also do tell them that the best environment for them is to relax and listen to some music. It is important for me to avoid influencing their experience as much as possible. I also elusively work with clients remotely, so I am never in their vicinity. I would argue that in 100 % of my clients, some sensation has been felt while the treatment is under way, that is the feedback I have had. I have helped bring back quality of life to quite a few people at this point and there is steady progression in even the most severe of physical ailments.

Thankfully, western health services are starting to recognise the benefits of alternative and complimentary healing modalities. If not, humanity would lose out on a truly amazing path to well being and health. 

Energy Healing - The real deal or placebo?
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Energy Healing - The real deal or placebo?
Can you equate energy healing with the placebo effect? Does it matter what actually heals you in the end? Discover some differences and benefits.
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