Feeling the Abundance Yet?

Feel the Abundance in every aspect of your life.

Wake up and feel the abundance! Most of my profound ideas and creative flow come in the shower of all places. So, there I am, in the shower, this morning lathering my hair with a shampoo that hopefully will reverse the worrying rate of hair loss I am experiencing. Yes, I am fully on my path to enlightenment and in the spiritual hey ho, but I do have my vanities, so sue me! 🙂 Also, before I continue I should point out that water is a wonderful method for grounding. It is this grounding that helps me get in my ‘zen zone’. Next time when your in your bath or taking a shower, instead of just getting on with the task at hand, pay attention to the moment you are in. Feel the water flow over your body, let it rinse your mental clutter away. Watch the clutter rinse down the drain and leave you mind clear, empty and focused. Enjoy the moment!

Ok, so anyway, back to the shampoo. No I am not going to go into how I should be grateful for the hair I have and feel like I have a full set of hair. Nope, I am losing my hair and it is freaking me out! 😀 There, now we can progress to the topic at hand. Abundance! The thought struck me since I put a new bottle of shampoo on the shelf next to the one that is running out. When I poured the liquid in to my hand I squeezed a little extra in to my hand to make sure the hair comes back quicker. That is when it dawned on me; I am using more because I know I have a new bottle, so I needn’t worry about running out. The law of attraction works the same way.

When your shampoo is running out and you have not bought a new bottle yet, you conserve it to make sure it lasts until you have time to buy a new one. However, when you have that new bottle you see no point in conserving because you have plenty. Does this resonate with you? I am going in to territory here that some shopaholics will take as licence to shop. Don’t go nuts because of what I have to say, but embrace the feeling. The idea is that you should always feel like you have that new bottle of shampoo next to the depleted one on the shelf. You still need to conserve what you have left to last you until you do actually have the new one in your possession, but it is the feeling that you have the abundance to use as much as you need and having faith that you will have the new one when you need it.

This is the tricky balance between spirituality and reality. Feel the abundance, but act with sense. As long as you take action and embrace the feeling of abundance and have faith in the universe’s covenant to provide you will always have enough shampoo, even if the new bottle didn’t just magically appear. I know what you are thinking, and, yes I am trying my absolutely hardest to apply this practice to my balding head and I will report back on progress. In the mean time, have a jolly abundant day!

Feeling the Abundance Yet?
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Feeling the Abundance Yet?
To manifest abundance in your life it is vital that you embrace the feeling of abundance in your present and take action towards it to get there.
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Spirited Reality
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