Fractals – How To Put Everything Into Perspective

A different take and application of the concept of fractals

Fractals, I had never heard of the concept before my spiritual awakening, but then again there was a lot I was blind to :-). Thinking back to my science, philosophy and psychology classes in school, I detested them! Yet, here I am now delving into deep psychology, healing and having philosophy for breakfast and I am loving every minute of it. Ok, let’s start out with the basics – A fractal is defined as: “a curve or geometrical figure, each part of which has the same statistical character as the whole. They are useful in modelling structures (such as snowflakes) in which similar patterns recur at progressively smaller scales, and in describing partly random or chaotic phenomena such as crystal growth and galaxy formation.” I have pondered on this concept in terms of the universe and it didn’t take me long to realise that it actually holds the answers to everything; physical, behavioural, metaphysical, energetically, etc..

My philosophy came to a head when I had a discussion with some like minded people and someone said that they are having to deal with the same trauma over and over again, despite having thought they put it away in the ‘dealt with’ drawer for ever. I suggested that the emotions or reactions to situations that would be a result of said trauma would keep resurfacing as they are fractals; they all look the same, but are at different magnitude. When you first start dealing with a trauma they are the petty reactions you have that are easy to overcome and shine your light on. Every time you deal with the manifestations of a trauma, the same will pop up again, but will be a greater challenge because you are ready for it.

I have seen the same concept in my own awakening. When I awoke I had a complete picture of the truth, but as I look back it was a fuzzy picture and it is a little clearer now. Hence, I had the whole truth revealed to me, but in a fractal. Now I am aware of the same truth, but at a greater magnitude. I think therefore we are, mostly, presented with pieces of truth, pieces of trauma, etc. that are fractals of the grander version of themselves.

As another example, we can look at the saying ‘history always repeats itself’. Hence behaviour is also a fractal from our individual behaviour, to your family’s, to the community’s, to your culture’s, etc. This is why economic and societal shifts have been easy to predict since they are fractals of what came before them. As our collective consciousness is shifting and we are shedding more and more blockages our challenges are becoming greater and greater, but we can see the same pattern in history repeated in a different shape.

If you think about it, an atom is a fractal of the universe with atoms with electrons revolving around a nucleus and the universe having planets revolving around stars. The same applies to everything in the universe and in version of it. Think about that next time you are dealing with negativity within yourself; it is merely a fractal of the bigger picture, not something to worry about and you worked through all the fractals before it, so you are ready for this one too.

Fractals - How To Put Everything Into Perspective
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Fractals - How To Put Everything Into Perspective
How to use the concept of fractals to understand and ease the burden of obstacles in life.
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Spirited Reality
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