Recipe for the Happy Entrepreneur

Develop the skills to enjoy a life long experience as an entrepreneur

The reasons why we start our own businesses are as varied as there are small business owners. I think some of the key reasons are:

  • Freedom
  • Control
  • Potential to make more money
  • Flexibility
  • Personal circumstances
  • Great idea that just has to be done

These are certainly all notions that made me want to become an entrepreneur, since the age of five mind you!  I have learned over the past 20 years that one cannot approach a new business with the list above as an immediate goal. Most self-employed people I know complain about how much they work and that they in fact do not control their time and don’t make enough money, but they are still happier than in a ‘normal’ job. It has taken me a long time to learn the life skills you need as a small business owner. With the skills I have now as an entrepreneur my business does not control me taking away my freedom and flexibility limiting my ability to address any personal circumstances that come up. Since I am more structured and organised and can put up the ‘Closed’ sign I lead a happier and balanced life and thus enjoy increased success.

It all comes down to attitude and approach. If you start your business with the attitude that it will be the goose that laid the golden egg and it does not happen overnight, you will work you fingers to the bone making sure that it becomes a success. Before long you are sacrificing everything around you and your work becomes your life. Don’t fall in to this trap! You will become disenchanted with your business and you will see the things you’ve sacrificed break down, not a good situation.

The solution is to approach your business as any job. Yes, you may stay in contact with your clients and manage what has to be managed while you are on holidays, but structure and allocate set times that you do that; then turn off! Don’t work longer hours than you would in your normal job and if you have strategic development work to do, assign one weekend a month and work hard that weekend to complete the tasks.

If you are like me, like to control every aspect of the business, you will have to assign times and certain days to performing functions that are outside the core of your business, e.g. bookkeeping, web development, marketing, etc.

Think to yourself; “If I worked 80 – 100 hours per week in my job, would I be happy?”. If the answer is no, why do you think your feelings would be any different running your own business? If you are balanced and lead a balanced life you will find that success will come with ease.

Believe that your business will be a success and you know in your heart it is what you are meant to do, it cannot fail! Sometimes it just take a bit longer to gain the financial freedom from it and, you know what, that is fine.

We have developed a number of services to help you work through limiting beliefs and to bring balance to your energy system, which will be the foundation for you to develop a successful life as a entrepreneur.

Recipe for the Happy Entrepreneur
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Recipe for the Happy Entrepreneur
Work on shifting your attitude towards what you should get out of being an entrepreneur to gain perspective and achieve success.
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Spirited Reality
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