Judgement Trap – Simple Method to Trick Your Ego to Avoid It

Moving away from judgement seen through the eyes of a ego based reality

The judgement trap is one of the major ones to avoid in order for you to bring your awareness fully in to your own truth, love and peace. When you become aware of energy and the collective consciousness you flip-flop between feeling the ‘oneness’ and being stuck in your ego reality. You know that we are all one, but you cannot help but judging people around you, we have simply grown up learning to separate yourself from everybody else. Over the past year, I have been working very hard to understand and heal myself, it is the path of enlightenment. However, I always find myself walking down the street looking at people, passing judgement. Since I intuitively read their energies and apply my physical impression of them, it does not paint a very nice picture when you judge people from your ego reality. Most people are not considered physically at the top of their game and we all have our flaws. This has caused me to build up some guilt because I always considered myself an open and fair person, but I think this experience was created to allow me to discover a shadow aspect of myself and to progress from there.


We all judge people based on their appearance, looks, mannerisms, facial expressions, energy, etc, but that only serves to separate ourselves from others. In today’s society I am sure many people have strong involuntary reactions to anyone who has the appearance of a devout Muslim, but is that justified? Does that kind of profiling give us a fool proof picture of a person’s character? Of course not! I have devised a very simple method to move away from looking at the world through the eyes of our ego based reality. When you look at someone, don’t start piling up your opinions, instead ask a simple question; ‘I wonder what his/her story is?’. You can then ask follow up questions when you start getting answers, like ‘What has caused him to be in so much pain?’, ‘Why did she feel she had to sacrifice her happiness?’, etc. It really is as simple as that. Once you ask that question you start tapping in to their energy without any of the physical attributes. Your ego has no time to cut in and say, ‘well, just look at how he’s dressed!’, because you must answer the questions first and when you ‘get to know’ someone on a soul level it is impossible to judge him/her.


The basis of this ‘trick’ is that everybody has a story and is uniquely interesting; whether that being a story of love, hurt, success, trauma, or something else, there is a story that has made them who they are. This also allows you to move on to realising there is value to everybody because they are doing the same job as you; gathering experiences. You can learn something from anyone as they are likely to have different experiences from you and that makes them interesting, irrespective of how they appear. In the extension of this process is that you will see people as souls and realise their connection with you; et voila! You move into embodying your unique existence in the oneness.


When you now look at people and see their soul you will be able to understand who you should and shouldn’t interact with, who you can help and who you cannot, etc. It will allow you to fully listen to your intuition and accurately use your discernment without judging. You will have compassion for all without pity or judgement.

 Happy healing and now go out and see people for what they really are; souls connected with you and everybody else.

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Judgement Trap – Simple Method to Trick Your Ego to Avoid It
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Judgement Trap – Simple Method to Trick Your Ego to Avoid It
Judgement keeps you separate and allows your ego to deliver you negativity. Once you are able to truly see a person's soul you will judge no longer.
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Spirited Reality
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