Any Lightworker Pursuing a Spiritual Business Venture is Courageous

Be steadfast in your path to being a lightworker – you can do it!

Revealing yourself as a lightworker takes tremendous courage. Yes, I have procrastinated in this process because of fear. I have not proclaimed from the top of a mountain to the world that I am on a spiritual path and that I am dedicating my life to being a lightworker. However, I have now published my Facebook page, which will be the point where people will start noticing and start asking questions. I have a lump in my throat (throat chakra clogged!) and a pit in my stomach (lower chakras clogged!) over this step. I am of course fearful of peoples judgement, suspicion and denial of what I know to be true. When ever I come up against these feelings I have to remember ‘The Four Agreements’:

  • Be impeccable with your word
  • Don’t take anything personally
  • Don’t make any assumptions
  • Always do your best

I have speak my truth with integrity otherwise I fail in my quest. I cannot be responsible for others reactions to my actions as long as my actions are founded in love, light and compassion. Those are the ‘rules’ of a lightworker. We do not perpetuate negativity, but spread as much light as we can. This takes courage and I am feeling darn courageous at the moment! 🙂 I have jumped off a cliff in to an abyss of light.

As I am writing this blog, my chakras are clearing up nicely, so I know that my actions will be rewarded. Ok, let’s get on with the core of the matter; you have a calling to be a lightworker (working with spirit or spreading light some other way, e.g. being a florist, working in health services, setting up a shop for healthy foods, etc.) and you will without a doubt have to make drastic changes in your life, how do we deal with society’s reaction?

The short answer is that we don’t, simply because we do not have to. Easy, right? Well, I suppose it isn’t because we have that pesky ego that keeps telling us that we have to protect the life we have and not deviate from our security. Even when we get skillful at listening to our higher selves the ego will always try to find reasons why your actions will cause direct negativity and thus should not be pursued. In my own situation I am challenged by what effect my actions will have on my children. I will say though, they are very supportive in my spirituality. They are very curious and are themselves opening up, which gives me great confidence. I think it comes down to that we have to always know that the actions we take for our own higher good will be for the higher good of others if they choose for it to be so. If your dependents choose to respond to the changes you make with fear and anger, can you be held responsible for that negativity? Absolutely not! They create that by their own choice. Everybody in your environment have the choice to adapt to the changes you make or resist them, inevitably causing negativity for themselves. We have to know that even if you throw all in to turmoil, when you follow your intuition and act for your higher good all will be better for everybody who respond with flexibility, love, light and compassion. Those that do not will detach themselves from you automatically and you will be stronger for it.

For me it comes down to being a beacon of light for those who desire it and can, through my light, shine theirs for others. As long as a maintain that light I cannot be anything but an inspiration and a positive example to my own children to follow in their lives. This will be my ultimate reward as a lightworker.

I would absolutely recommend you to pick up a copy of ‘The Four Agreements’, it changed my outlook on life and how I should live it. The link below will take you to Amazon for you to pick it up.

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The Four Agreeements

Any Lightworker Pursuing a Spiritual Business Venture is Courageous
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Any Lightworker Pursuing a Spiritual Business Venture is Courageous
A lightworker's path is full of challenges. The lightworker is courageous to venture down their path, but know that the rewards outweigh the challenges.
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Spirited Reality
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