Mediumship – First Experience of Truly Connecting With Spirit

A weekend course in mediumship at Arthur Findlay College

The mediumship course I just completed at Arthur Findlay College in Stanstead was the most profound and healing I have ever experienced. As you may know, I only awoke in March of 2016, so the idea that I would be able to actively connect with spirit like psychic mediums do did not seem to be in my purview. Low and behold I was able to connect both with spirit (mediumship) and with living auras (psychic) on every one of the eight occasions that we had exercises. The love, comfort and compassion you feel when that spirit starts to merge their energy with yours is (pun intended) out of this world!

At first I build up my power and expand my energy (aura) and move my consciousness into the spirit realm/dimension. When I invite spirit to join me I feel a shift in my energy, typically a change in my emotion and energy field, which typically is coupled with a tingling sensation somewhere on my body. As I prompt the spirit that has joined me to come closer and closer, they move from me seeing it as an energy field to projecting an image of him/herself into my mind’s eye. I can now start communicating. I ask questions and spirit answers. Like any new encounter, you need to build that connection and relationship. I found it truly amazing that I could describe relatives who had passed in detail to my fellow students that I was working with; features, personality, their relationship with the relative, etc. I was also able to pass on details, such as names, places, describing mementos, etc. The healing that this process provides for the recipient and for me as the ‘acting medium’ is tremendous and lasts a lifetime.

I will share one specific session with you that I will never forget and I will cherish it forever. This is a story of a true soul to soul connection of healing. On this course we were about 60 students of varying degree of experience and we were split in to four groups depending on what the tutors felt we needed to work on (btw, amazing psychic sensitivity by our tutors to understand how the groups should be divided). On Saturday night we had a Student Demonstration scheduled, which of course I had no intention of performing at! However, to my dismay, our tutors decided that instead of asking for volunteers, they would assign two students from each group to stand in front of the whole course and do a platform demonstration. This means that you stand up and invite a spirit connected to someone in the audience to join you and start delivering evidence until someone in the audience can relate to the spirit as ‘belonging’ to them. Then you proceed to deliver more evidence and finally a message. As soon as our tutor Lynne made the announcement, I knew I would be one of the two in my group. We had a choice to decline, but I felt that if I had been chosen it was for a purpose, so “just go with it”, I thought. I am so grateful I overcame my fear to get up on that stage. I was to be the last one up and of course my nervousness was building to where my knees where shaking. However, halfway through the demonstrations, I start sensing this little blond boy connecting with me. We had been given instructions by Lynne to refrain from connecting before starting the demonstration so to not deliver evidence from memory. You couldn’t be sure that you’d establish that same connection on stage and thus clarify any information ‘live’ as it were. I had to gently ask this lovely child to wait and to step back. This happened through out the other demonstrations and I understood why I had been chosen for this task, this boy needed to come through and he had picked me to deliver a truly emotional message. I will not go to much in to the evidence that was delivered, but as soon as I delivered the description of his features, age, cultural region and what his environment looked like, there was only one lady standing up. In my mind I was hoping it wasn’t going to be her son, and stated that it was a cousin, but it was her son (lesson learned to not let the mind control any aspect of the process). When we got to the message she was in tears, and I was choking up as the boy was filling me with emotions, fighting for control and to remain sensitive, yet professional. The boy said he was sad that he had to leave her, but that it was his time and that he is doing what he always loved to do; run around the grassy fields of the Swiss countryside. Of course, after the mediumship demonstration, there was a warm, honest embrace where so many souls had connected and touched each other to the core. This mother and I will always hold this experience as very special to both of us.

If you are looking to spend time with like minded people and to truly experience spirit connections, I cannot recommend Arthur Findlay College enough and their mediumship course. I will be going back many times during my development, that is for sure. 

Click here for a link to ‘Arthur Findlay College’ to view their course schedule.

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Mediumship - First Experience of Truly Connecting With Spirit
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Mediumship - First Experience of Truly Connecting With Spirit
This is a short story of a most profound and emotional first experience of connecting with spirit through mediumship. Share in an out of this world journey.
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