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Abruptly Awoken – How Rude Isn’t That!

My Story So Far

Spirited RealityMarch 31st 2016 at 5.31 pm it happened. With a bright light I was knocked into wonderland. Before having my own sudden spiritual awakening I believed in a higher power, spirit communication, etc. but it wasn’t something I paid much attention to, even though it fascinated me. I had never really been to a psychic medium or a healer, but that was to change rather drastically. 

My first 44 years of living I did what most guys do, I had fun, tried having a career, got married, had children, etc. I didn’t pay much attention to anything going on beneath the surface, what I could see and what I could touch that was my controllable reality. However, growing up I always sensed energies around me, I attracted people with problems that they shared with me, I could tell when people were not being truthful, I was always accused of being too sensitive, etc. Of course I worked hard on correcting all the issues people had with me, trying to fit in. I did quite well and was competent at what I did professionally, but I was losing the plot, I lacked real direction and my marriage was slowly crumbling. My awakening probably started a few years prior to the “flash of light”, I just didn’t realise it or paid any attention. 

Energy Healing

The death of life as I knew it, was thus called at 5.31 pm on March 31, 2016 (I refer to the experience as a near death experience, the results are very similar). I was now driven by pure intuition and just listening to my spirit guides. I immediately started long periods of meditation, healed my allergies and my sciatica, conjured up advanced spiritual philosophies out of, seemingly, nowhere. The first two or three months were truly harrowing, not knowing if I should commit myself to a psychiatric ward or if I still had my senses to being in a state of pure love and bliss. Dealing with a separation and oncoming divorce confused matter further, my breaking point was being pushed further and further. I was pushed hard by my guides in learning about my new state of being. Things started to slow down somewhat little over a year into it and then came the backlash. When you are floundering in unknown territory, you tend to revert to what is familiar, however misguided that might be, it is what you know. This period was tough, I didn’t have my old life and my new one seemed out of reach as well. It wasn’t what they describe as the “dark night of the soul”, it was just a setback, but without knowing how to get back to that blissful state I had come to enjoy. 

You have your lessons and you pick up pieces from them and then they come back around because there is something else you’re supposed to learn from the same lesson; around, around and around again it goes. I figured out eventually that I was trying to hard and needed to just ease in to it and truly surrender and release. Then you start understanding that you picked up icky astral gunk that is sucking the life energy out of you, which is all part of the learning experience. I have had the pleasure of helping earthbound spirits cross over, assist in the healing of friends on the earth plane, help clients with their businesses in a far more profound way than ever before and communicate with my loved ones that are no longer with us, if that was all it would make it worth the pain and agony. 

It ain’t over till the ….., and on this life journey she has not yet sung, so I will be healing and progressing putting i in print here to help you on your journey.

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