Russell Brand Versus, or With Candace Owens, which is it?

The answer is “with”, but their reality constructs get in the way


Before reading this article, it would behove you to listen to Russell Brand’s podcast “#058 POPULIST REVOLUTION – WILL IT GO LEFT OR RIGHT? (WITH CANDACE OWENS)” (click on the link to listen), because this article is describing my reflections on the commentary and discussion these intellectually stimulating individuals engaged in. 

To no one’s surprise, the result of putting Russell Brand, a self-proclaimed anarchist/syndicalist, in the same room as the capitalist conservative and Trump cheerleader Candace Owens would be a, mildly put, fiery debate. They certainly did not disappoint. They danced with words, at times rather clumsily, trying to convey their message, convincing the other of their virtues. However, the dance was more around the commonality, which Candace actually hit on with some misguided approach, but still hit on. They both claim to have the solution to the ills of the world and the suffering of the individual human being. However, their approaches are part of the reason humanity is in the mess it is right now. 

Part of the challenge for these two firebrands is that they are trying to come up with solutions from the perspective of the paradigm we are currently in. They correctly identify our power structures as the main issue, but then put labels all over their respective solutions, creating more divisions and “us vs. them” mentality. There is no change to be had when we get much of the same just dressed up differently. If you read my article “Equality Movement in Society — What is Going Wrong?“, you will dive deeper in to my thoughts on how change must happen. However, in basic terms, we cannot create solutions that forces individuals into a societal structure that they don’t agree with, nor can we be successful enacting change unless we are united. The only way we are going to achieve this is by refrain from coming up with solutions that divide us and look at solutions that approach challenges with “us”. Russell and Candace are both alpha type personalities that thrive in the current paradigm, but they are both awake to the fact that something is terribly wrong, which is a good start.

From struggle comes great strength, and these two have had their fair share of challenges. Russell has turned his energy into promoting love and compassion, whereas Candace has focused on personal empowerment and to pull people out of victimisation. The both see their approaches as being mutually exclusive, which they are not, but they cannot come around to that in personal empowerment and helping people out of their self-imposed victim identity there is much love and compassion. The reason they cannot see that they both have the same solution is that they are so very stuck in their ingrained political identification. Candace kept saying that Russell is a conservative capitalist, he just doesn’t know it, which clearly was like rubbing Count Dracula in garlic. She was on the right track though. Had she just dropped the darned label, it would have been far easier for Russell to come around to the idea that they actually want to achieve the same thing. They both want a society that encourages and promotes individualism, empowers the individual and is founded on strong family/community units. Unfortunately, this does not come about by cramming ideology down someone’s throat. 

The society they envision will only come about from the gradual evolution of society where each individual decides he/she wants to recognises the importance of their individualism and recognises their own desires to create. We cannot create sustainable change in our alpha type societal paradigm that we are currently in, we need to move towards a more balanced male/female approach. This doesn’t mean that we are going to redistribute wealth or that we’ll have super nanny states, au contraire, as the individual shifts towards a better balance, priorities will also change. We will move from the quantitative success measuring (material wealth) to a qualitative one. Qualitative success is when our success is measured against how happy we are. This is not a utopia, this is where we are moving, but true change will only happen when we reach critical mass of people who don’t buy into the illusion of our current success paradigm any longer and desire to simply be happy, not rich, as their primary goal. Wealth just becomes a byproduct of being happy and loving what you do. From this a new societal structure will spring and flourish that will be more community centred, decentralised and compassionate. Details on how I envision this happening will be in a book I am currently writing, please let me know if you have any thoughts to contribute to this entirely possible utopia. 

Despite finding their combative debating techniques tiresome and disturbing to my own energy, they do it with passion and great heart. Even though I disagree with their ideological stances I find their intellects inspiring. Besides they are also quite funny at times ;-). 

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Russell Brand Versus, or With Candace Owens, which is it?
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Russell Brand Versus, or With Candace Owens, which is it?
When you put two intellectuals from polar opposites of the political spectrum, like Russell Brand and Candace Owens, in the same room, sparks will fly, but will there be love?
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Spirited Reality
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