Save Your Energy and Release That Thought

Hey! Watch Were You’re Directing That Energy


The actual concept of energy is easy to understand, but the fact that all, and I mean absolutely EVERYTHING, is energy is a little harder to wrap ones “compared-to-the-universe” peanut-sized brain around. Now push that one step further and dictate that everybody and everything interacts, directs, diverts and changes energy. Most of us goes through our days thinking about our own needs and act accordingly, not realising the impact we have as we are wielding our proverbial hose of energy to change everything around us as well our own situation. Unfortunately, this is rarely with an outcome that give us a good fuzzy feeling; we attract and create our own misery. Did I paint a gloomy enough picture for you? Not to worry, it will brighten up shortly.

Since about two and a half years ago, I have understood this concept. Yet, I spend my days mulling over the bad stuff that’s happened and will happen. I am fully aware that because of my line of thinking, my brain is wiring itself for that reality and the universe sending me experiences that match that vibration. Then when s**t goes down I am thinking “I am working so hard on myself healing and doing all the right things, why do I need to experience this?”. Nope, not hearing that answer to my own question, don’t want to hear it, lalalalalalalala! I CANNOT HEAR YOU!

When you sit with a lot of energetic gunk (karma) that you’ve got to sift through and a heart that is caged up because of ones experiences, it is a challenge to direct ones mind towards fluffy pink clouds, faeries and unicorns. Now put on top that because of your extreme sensitivity you have you protect and check your energy constantly, build boundaries that were non-existent, pretty much pissing everybody off because they are not used to you having your own voice and that you draw borders around you. Then it is no wonder you cannot hear the obvious answer, but all comes around in perfect timing.

You have to go through all those challenges to come out the other end with the tools you need to pursue your life purpose, it’s like being back at school. It takes patience and perseverance. You learn to build habits so that your boundaries, your energy protection, your energy direction towards what will benefit you, etc. all become second nature to you and that you don’t even realise you do them. 

One habit I have practised over the past few months is to simply state to myself “I love myself, I forgive myself” whenever my energy is being directed towards something that is not going to benefit me. It is working out, little by little, but it is working. However, I have been amiss in really building up my energy in my energy body and protecting it from being “stolen”! I have also disregarded the habit of being in the present moment to stop worrying about the past and the future. Enter an energy crisis; nothing like a good crisis to give you a smackdown and wake you up (again!).

Some experiences with the Astral plane that came to light about a week ago (will write separately about that when I feel ready) got me to reconsider my whole approach to healing and to how I approach energy and my use of it. Almost losing all of mine has given me a newfound respect and appreciation for energy. We are all careless with our energy much of the time, but I think we can easily do so much better. Some of the lessons I gained over the past few weeks have been:

  • Heal yourself before you can help others
  • Keep bringing your awareness back to the present moment
  • Place your consciousness with your heart to move away from the mind chatter
  • Protect your energy
  • Set boundaries with the spirit realm
  • Watch your thought energy

I am now setting the following new habits:

  • Focus on a daily chakra cleansing and balancing routine
  • Whenever the mind wanders, start doing third person commentary of what I am doing, e.g. He is putting the spoon in the cup and stirring the tea, etc. This brings your attention fully into what you are currently doing.
  • When I need to think about a challenge or need to respond to something, I place my hand over my hear to draw my awareness there and then breathing deeply and calmly ask my heart what I should do.
  • I walk around seeing violet flames fanning around my body to protect my energy and to draw my attention away from other’s energy. 
  • When spirits make themselves known to me I tell them “I acknowledge you but will have to ask that you come back when I am ready to work”, and really “watch” them leave.
  • Wherever you send your thoughts you send your energy, so I am really mindful of not spending time constantly mulling over other people’s problems, nor my own for that matter. This is probably where we all leak the most energy as we think our thoughts don’t matter because they’re only in our heads. 

So like taking care of our physical hygiene, it is equally important to look after our mental and energy hygiene as well.

I wish you all the best in your pursuit of your higher truth and keep up with your work. 

Save Your Energy and Release That Thought
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Save Your Energy and Release That Thought
Everything is energy and there is an abundance of it. You do, however, need to work with your habits of your thoughts, words and actions to where that enery is directed.
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Spirited Reality
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