Self-Healing – Do You Have Time For That?

When will you have time with self-healing?


One of the reoccurring topics that have come back to me again and again the second half of 2016 has been ‘time for self-healing’.

Before I ‘woke up’ I would always come up with excuses to why I wasn’t going to the gym, taking exercise classes, going for walks to clear my head, etc. Primarily my thought process was that if I take time away from work and making money to do stuff that actually cost money, I will kick myself for not having put in enough of an effort and all it will do is to create guilt. Of course after I got a spiritual smack down with the universe say ‘NO, that is not how you do it’ I understand that one thing does not have to negate the other. On the contrary, you need the balance to create harmony and abundance in your life.

If people would give me a Pound every time they told me that they do not have time for healing, when I offer my ‘Distance Healing Services’, I could actually have good business in that alone. However, that is counterproductive to what I am aiming to achieve, which is to heal people. Since I have been there and done that, I understand where people are coming from making those statements, but I am on a mission to change people’s attitudes.

As you are reading this I want you to ask yourself ‘why don’t I take 5 minutes out of my day to do self-healing?’. If all you can muster are lame excuses, then take 5 minutes right now and just close your eyes and focus on your breathing. That’s it! You will then have meditated for 5 minutes, which is a start for you to self-heal. Expand from there and see the changes in your life.

I spend about half an hour for every distance healing session, with about 10 minutes being preparation, 15 performing the healing and 5 minutes closing and grounding after the healing session. For you it would be a maximum of 15 minutes that you would have to take out of your day to see some possibly amazing changes in your life balance and well-being. Don’t be too busy to make this life the fullest and to its highest potential that it can be. Below are some testimonials from patients that I work with.

Self-Healing - Do You Have Time For That?
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Self-Healing - Do You Have Time For That?
It's a new year, time to drop the nonsensical excuses that prevent you from living your life in harmony and balance. Focus on your self-healing.
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Spirited Reality
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