A Spiritual Calling to Start a Business

Observe your motivation and purpose and you will know if you are having a spiritual calling to set up your business

A spiritual calling is a truly unique individual experience. No other person will have one exactly like yours. They manifest in many shapes and forms and will take on different levels of direct spiritual connection. So the idea here is not that you need to become a psychic medium, a Reiki practitioner, or something similar. To me the key elements are your motivation for your business and what energies and vibrations your business supplies. Take my business for example; yes, I do involve my spirituality and psychic intuition in the business, but at the core I am helping business owners become more successful quicker and give them courage to take a leap.

How can a business consultancy be a spiritual calling you may ask? So, going back to the fundamentals; I have a passion for the creativity of starting and changing businesses and my business helps others raise their vibrations, get on their spiritual path and in turn spread positive and raise vibrations for their customers and clients. You could say I am employing MLM (multi level marketing) techniques for spiritual growth. The point is; motivation and purpose. I think a florist is a simple yet wonderful example of a practice that often comes from a spiritual calling. You set up the business because you love flowers and just get the best feeling when your client is filled with joy and excitement over your creation (btw. this can be applied to any artistic pursuit). This flower arrangement will then help spread beauty, love and positive energy where ever it is seen. Motivation! Purpose!

Let’s look at a little more obscure example; any profession where you end up helping people with an emotional decision to meet a basic need. Some examples of this would be: property (real estate) agents, recruiters, food vendors, restaurateurs, etc. I have owned a letting agency and I currently also own a recruitment agency, so I speak from a point of experience here. If your motivation is the money aspect and not the need to help people meet a basic need in an emotional based decision, you may still be very successful and make loads of money. However, your motivation will only last as long as you have a love affair with money. If on the other hand, you get a buzz out of helping someone find exactly the right home, job, food, etc, your soul is fed and you will never run out of motivation for the business. My heart space and chakra always expand and fill with energy when I help someone find the job they always wanted, such an amazing feeling.

The old adage goes: ‘Find what you love and the money will follow!’ I would add a second part to that: ‘Find where the money is and you will soon start looking for what you love’. Hence, by the law of attraction, you cannot fail in your business if you have the right motivation and purpose, which comes from a spiritual calling, however soft the voice might have been. My favourite book that gave and give me business inspiration on my journey is ‘Infinite Possibilities’ by Mike Dooley. Whenever I came up on a challenge at the beginning of my awakening I would read a couple of pages and that would lift me up to deal with the challenge.

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A Spiritual Calling to Start a Business
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A Spiritual Calling to Start a Business
Spiritual calling does not mean you have to be a psychic medium or similar. Your calling is unique, but it is the motivation and purpose that defines it.
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Spirited Reality
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