Spiritual Children – How Do We Keep Them From Programming?

Children are intelligent trust them to choose to keep themselves as spiritual children

I intentionally wrote the first part of the title; “Spiritual Children” as a bit of a overstatement since children are by nature not closed yet to their intuition. Hence they are spiritual until we as society programmes it out of them. The image that headlines this article was drawn by my youngest daughter and she described it as ‘Pappa [me] meditating’. When asked what the lines all around me are, she said, “That is energy and you can heal ‘dead’ people [i.e. spirits]”. When my ‘blown-awayness’ had settled I started thinking about what transpired and what she had drawn. The first two things that struck me was how the energy was emanating from my heart, which is metaphysically accurate and the absolute contentment she sees in me when I am meditating (my daughters frequently meditate with me), even though I usually have a rather neutral facial expression when meditating.  Seeing energy is to me something new. I can only see energy if I focus on it, but to her it is something so natural that she doesn’t even reflect over it. To her it is as common that blue is blue and red is red.

We do discuss spirituality in our home and the girls describe their understanding of God, energies, spirits, etc. One of our favourite destinations is the crystal shop where they feel very much at home. My oldest she is particular sensitive to the energetic characters of crystals and stones, she describes her physical sensations holding different stones and tend to pick those that help her ground, focus and calm herself. The younger one tends to resonate with crystals that allows her to create peace, calm and unity for others. Now, I have explained to them about my energy practice and how it works, but have not gone too much in to detail. However, the statement that blew me away the most in her description of her artwork was that I can heal ‘dead’ people. First, how would she know that one can ‘heal’ wayward spirits and dark enteties and why would she make a statement like that about my abilities? I know she is very insightful and she is bringing it out.

The hardest part of shedding my old that don’t serving me anymore is raising my children to be upstanding citizens. I constantly fall back in to the trap of how society expects me to raise my children. This is where I find it useful to have an open discussion with my children about esoteric topics and to bring them to safe environments, like psychic fairs and crystal shops, where they can explore and directly experience energies without me influencing them. I want them to wake up to themselves and not to what I consider to be the true path for me. I also want it to be something they want for themselves, so I do not cram it down their throats, as it were. They should have the choice and avoid my journey if they so choose. At the same time, they are light beings having a human experience and thus they will have to know how to engage with the rest of society and thus it is a fine balance bringing children up in an awakened environment nestled in society.

Essentially my statement ‘Spiritual Children’ refers to really that our children should be allowed to retain the spirituality they were born with and feel safe in that they may explore their connection with source for themselves. So, in conclusion, I don’t think right now you can shield them completely from programming, but give them the tools and information to experience and decide for themselves.

Spiritual Children - How Do We Keep Them From Programming?
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Spiritual Children - How Do We Keep Them From Programming?
Maintaining spiritual children in today's society is a challenge, especially since they do have to function in it. Give them the tools to explore.
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Spirited Reality
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