Spiritual Shielding and Psychic Protection – Is it necessary?

There is a better way than spiritual shielding and psychic protection.

On my journey after awakening I have ploughed through book cases of information about spirituality. The first aspects I came across were the needs for spiritual shielding and psychic protection. It made the whole process appear slightly scarier than I think it has to be. My logic told me that if I have to protect myself, there is something to fear. That is of course logic creating a negative reaction.  Since then I have delved even deeper in to the subjects of shadow work and negative energies, but I will go in to that in more detail further down in this blog post.

When I first awoke my nervous system was completely fried. As a sensitive and an empath, I soaked up absolutely every single energy in my proximity as well as those I am linked to globally. It was an utter nightmare. I was told time and time again, that I needed to sheild myself, which I did. Unfortunately spiritual shielding did very little for me apart from draining my own energy to be used in the ‘shield’. This drainage of energy made me more vulnerable to over-stimulation of external energies. Needless to say, I ceased with that practice within a month or so. My thinking changed to training, training to know my body and energies that flow in my systems. This has been most rewarding and awesome process in learning and interacting with my guides, spirits and angels. It has been a process of ‘Come in and reveal yourself so that I may learn about you and shine my light on you’. I do get stumped frequently when I am dealing with new or more powerful energies, but it is part of learning. For me, spiritual shielding on a daily basis has, as you can see, been counterproductive, but gaining knowledge about how to deal with the energies and energy systems allows me to gain the upper hand.

More recently on my journey I have come across more talk of negative entities, entity attachments, Reptilians, etc. Again, as I started looking at more and more information about it the information was quite negatively charged with a fair amount of fear attached to it. Now, in this we are talking about intelligence that has a goal and that is to make you generate negative energies to serve their purposes, so I certainly sat up and took notice. I though, “Holy crap, this is some serious stuff” (actually, my thought was more profane than that, but we’ll keep it clean). I even read one lengthy article about how basically you have to spend every waking hour to prevent and take away negative entities from your aura. At this point I thought, “Hang on a minute! Is this really how we are supposed to lead our lives, just warding off evil?”. My questioning brought thoughts back to my experience with spiritual shielding and I knew there had to be a better way. This is when I came across a video by Katya Turner, who is one of my favourites right now! You will find the video posted below, but basically Katya’s solution is to approach all darkness, shadow work and negativity with light, love and compassion. See, now this resonates with my idea of spiritual enlightenment. All energy comes from light, even the dark ones, they are just light cloaked in darkness. It is the same with us humans, we have light inside all of us, we just have to remember and find our way back to it. Our job as lightworkers is to help everybody, humans, entities, energies, etc. to remind them of that light or if they refuse let them go on their merry (or not so merry as the case probably would be) way with our blessings.

As a caveat, I will say that I see a purpose for psychic protection when you go in to a specific situation where you are likely to become overwhelmed with energies and you have a task to complete, it is like going in to battle with a butter knife, you just would not want to do that. My view is that spiritual shielding and psychic protection do have their uses, but learn to deal with the energies from a place of light, love and compassion and you will learn so much more. You are also not propagating fear by believing that you have something to be afraid of, because, as long as you hold a place for the light of the universe, you have nothing to fear.

Katya’s video below certainly shed so much light on the path of enlightenment for me and I hope it will do the same for you (click here for a link to her full post on the subject).

Spiritual Shielding and Psychic Protection - Is it necessary?
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Spiritual Shielding and Psychic Protection - Is it necessary?
Discover my view on how daily spiritual shielding and psychic protection will only create fear and feed those energies you are seeking protection from.
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