Spiritual Teachers Come In All Shapes and Sizes

Meet the 6 year old who is claiming his place among spiritual teachers

I am not going to write at length about spiritual teachers, but felt compelled to write something after seeing the video above about Jaden in Savannah, Georgia who turned on the light in a seemingly impossible darkness.

When I look at this story I take several things away from it, your reflection may be different and that is good. Your journey is different from mine:

  • It is possible to act purely without ego.
  • Don’t judge a messenger, hear the essence of the message.
  • The media does have the capacity to step out of the matrix if it wishes and participate in lightworking.
  • Every darkness has the capacity for light, however dire it may appear
  • You may not be able to change the world, but you can in one small act change the world for one person.

Most people would look at this report and say ‘Aww, that is so sweet’, share it on Facebook and think nothing further about it. However, some of us will see the deeper meaning and lessons in every aspect of it. Some of us do this with mundane things that happen every day; it is called awareness. People throw out cliches like ‘Oh, just wake up and smell the coffee’, but who really does? Most will, at most, sniff it and recognise it as coffee. If you are aware, you stop,, focus on the cup that the coffee is in, admire its shapes and design. You observe the mystic beauty of the steam forming on the surface of the coffee and rising up to meet your nose. You notice the deep sensual brown colour of it and wonder what hides beneath the surface beyond what you can see. When you draw in that steam you feel its warmth in your nose and recognise the aroma with every fiber of your being and sense the vibration of the beverage and what purpose and intention it has for you.

These are two perspectives of coffee, you can choose either metaphor as a perspective of life; which do you think will serve you better. I think Jaden chose the latter, and I am following his example. He has now become one of my Spiritual Teachers, thank you Jaden.

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Spiritual Teachers Come In All Shapes and Sizes
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Spiritual Teachers Come In All Shapes and Sizes
Don't judge spiritual teachers by their covers. Hear the message, if it resonates, then take the message to heart. It might be the key to your soul.
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Spirited Reality
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