Starting a Spiritual Business Venture – Is It Any Different?

Is there a difference in approach to setting up a spiritual business venture as opposed to a ‘normal’ one?

I think the answer was presented before even asking the question!  😀 So, we can all agree the approach is different, but how and why? Anyone who is at the same stage of awakening as I am will approach it with a bit of real life sensibility and a great heaping serving spoon of faith. I suppose, if you are fully enlightened and have dinner conversations with the Ascended Masters and tea with your spirit guides, you don’t really need the ego security of a business plan, financial forecast, seed capital planning, etc. I am fortunate in that I have claircognizance as my primary ability; my intuition leaves little room for interpretation and thus I can rest assured that unless I am tricked by my ego (which I have control functions against), the communications that come through are solid. However, for your own current sanity you want to anchor your idea in some sense of real life sensibility.

When I work with my clients on their spiritual business venture, my approach is very different from working with a ‘normal’ business plan. I think more soul searching than financial forecasting is needed. I always want to make sure the motivation and purpose of my clients are aligned with their soul purpose. They also need to be in a balanced and harmonious place to project the right frame of mind in order for abundance to manifest. These are not your typical headings in a business plan, are they now?  😀 Anyone on ‘the path’ will be having many moments of divine inspiration coming out as creativity. Many times this is manifested through business ideas. How wonderful, you have a whole catalogue of ideas to reference, but now you have to figure out which one to go with.

As mentioned earlier, soul searching and connecting with your higher self will reveal the best way forward. Before I started ‘Spirited Reality’ I spent time knowing I had to do something with my newfangled abilities and knowledge, but what. I am a natural healer, but I don’t really see myself running a complementary healing practice. So, I spent many mornings in the shower (where I get my best inspiration for business ideas!) asking the question; ‘What do I love and what can I do?’. The answer I kept getting was ‘business’, which I kept dismissing it, because it was not in line with what I deemed to be a worthy spiritual pursuit. This was until one day I had a whole ‘movie’ sequence go through my head of how business can be used for the promotion of positive vibrations and how I can use my skills and talents in that way. The point here is that you cannot and should not dismiss any ideas and you have to let your ideas perculate until one rises to the top, that will be the one that you are currently aligned with. I write ‘currently’ as it may not serve you a few years down the line, but then you will pursue something else.

When I coach you on your business plan some of the headings that I will incorporate are:

  • Motivation of setting up the spiritual business venture
  • Purpose of the outcome
  • Stage of awakening, if you are going through one
  • How balanced and harmonious are you?
  • What are your fears?
  • What psychic/healing abilities do naturally you have and that you are considering incorporating?
  • Plan for spiritual and psychic development

As you can see there is quite a few differences in approach to setting up a spiritual business venture, but the main one is the leap of faith because you know it is the right thing to do.

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Starting a Spiritual Business Venture - Is It Any Different?
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Starting a Spiritual Business Venture - Is It Any Different?
A spiritual business venture is more about a leap of faith than competitive analysis and financial forecasting. We do that do, but have to get deep first.
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