Is It Wrong to Make Money From Your Spiritual Business?

Why making money the right way helps lift humanity’s vibrations

Money is energy. It can be attracted or detracted, so just to be clear, by default, money is not evil. It is one’s attitude and relationship with money that will make it negative or positive. Of course, if you abuse your natural gifts and build up a business by negative doings, you will without a doubt have to pay for it in this life or next through karma, but that is another discussion. The discussion here is really whether it is at all ok to make money from your spirituality and your natural gifts. I argue that if you dedicate your life to your spiritual path and do not charge enough for it to make a living you are actually acting contrary to what the universe would like you to do. Let me explain. The pure purpose of following spiritual path is to send out to and share your positive vibrations with the world. We are conditioned to trade with others, so if you give your gifts away for free you will both feed the negative ego of the narcissist who thrives on ‘one-upping’ others and you create the negative feeling of guilt of the ‘normal’ people because they feel they are taking advantage of your generosity. Eventually you will believe yourself that people are taking advantage of you and build up resentment, i.e. negativity. See the pattern here?

I had a discussion with a Spiritual Consultant and Reiki Master today about how much she should charge for her services. The general answer is; anything, whatever you feel comfortable with, but do charge. The more detailed answer I gave to her was that you can charge however much you want, but when you cross the threshold where you do not believe you are worth it or that people won’t pay that much, you are attaching negative energies to it. As always, it is about balance. You need to feel that you are paid what you are worth and that your clients are given good value for their money, that is your price point. In economics 101 it is called the equilibrium price, but with supply and demand as opposed to emotional attitude towards money as the variable 🙂 .

Your job will be to create a healthy positive attitude to money and that energy will attract wealth to you. However, only as much as you feel you are worth. Tricky territory that; Law of Attraction. Now, go out there and make a living from your skills and abilities. Love what you do and the fact that you can make a living from it and you will make the world a much better place!

Is It Wrong to Make Money From Your Spiritual Business?
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Is It Wrong to Make Money From Your Spiritual Business?
In our societies money is associated with negative energies. Why is that? If the universe wishes abundance for us, wouldn't money be included?
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Spirited Reality
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